(Podcast) Bridging the Gap Between Who We Are and Who We Want to Be

In this week’s podcast, we discuss “character.”  We begin with a discussion about the unnecessary and stress inducing expectation that we have an answer for everything in our lives.  We discuss the benefits of accepting that we have less control over our day to day lives than our stubborn brains demand.  Further, we discuss how illogical our brains are on this matter.  We have no evidence to support that our day, month, or year will unravel itself in exact concert with our expectations.  So why do we continue to expect that the future will be different?  We use the philosophy of the Greek Skeptics as a tool to help us overcome this.

From there we segue into a discussion about the importance of reflection.  We discuss the importance of the time that we set aside (even just 10 minutes) to ignore the minutia of our daily lives and focus on who we are from a broader perspective.  There is always a gap between who we are and who we want to be.  This gap is natural and reasonable because we are imperfect creatures; however, there are steps we can take to shrink that gap.  We discuss three elements to consider.   1.  The content we allow into our brains.   2. The relationships we maintain  3. The habits we observe

Enjoy and please feel free to contact me with feedback or ideas for future shows.

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